Life fresh have a experienced engineering team and group of skilled technicians for plant,  cooling tower installation commissioning and strat up with after sales service facilities our own lab equipment.                  Life fresh ensure the stock of Spear parts for the clients is always ready to give maximum technical support for the solution of problem.     Life fresh have highly motivated experienced engineers and technician constantly for exercising on the same field, we ensure you to provide all necessary types of service for selection of exact machinery, Installation and troubleshooting. We attend all of your queries and complaints with the greatest sincerity and care. We assure our clients of our best service at all time.


 Future planning.............We have plans to import more health and hygienic related products in INDIA which will be also the first time in Indian market and we are empathizing to flourish our presence at unrepresented area as early as possible through our strong marketing policeies promotional Activiti and media campaigning

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